Walnut Dining Tables

Out & Out’s walnut dining table collection reflects superb quality craftsmanship in a number of different sizes, styles and designs. From the more compact 150cm Clayton table, through to the more generously sized 180cm table, or even the 220cm Skagen table, this collection caters for all dining spaces, as well as showcasing the luxurious, warmth of walnut.

Walnut Dining Tables

For those seeking quality craftsmanship and style that lasts the test of time, Out & Out’s walnut dining table collection showcases superb quality tables which pair perfectly with a wide range of dining chairs in both modern and traditional designs.

The benefit of walnut is that it creates a rich and luxurious warmth which is perfect for creating an inviting dining space, whether that’s in a family home or modern apartment. 

Our walnut dining table collection includes tables in a wide range of different lengths, from the 120cm Skagen round dining table which is great for more compact spaces, right the way through to the 220cm Skagen dining table which makes a fantastic centre piece in a spacious dining room. This is a collection which certainly caters to all tastes!

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