Extendable Dining Sets

Extendable dining sets are the perfect choice for the regular dinner party host or those who enjoy entertaining. The versatility of these dining sets allow you to create extra space when required, without having to commit to the space requirements of a larger dining set.

Our extendable dining set collection includes a range of modern dining tables, paired with stylish dining chairs in artificial leather and fabric finishes.

Extendable Dining Sets

There are many occassions where you may wish to entertain, but it can often be impactical to have a larger dining set due to space restrictions. Extendable dining sets are the ideal solution to this issue, as they allow you to accomodate extra guests as required, but maintain a more practical sized dining set for the majority of the time. 

Some extendable dining sets, such as Alexandra Extending Set, which goes from an 8 seater to a 10 seater, through to the Talisa Extendable Dining Sets which create some extra space for a 4 seater dining set.

An extendable dining set is ideal not just for the frequent dinner party hosts, but for anybody who wants the flexibility of extra space!

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