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Out & Out Insider - British Summer Garden Solutions

Outdoor furniture indoors

Don't be alarmed by the title of this blog post. I am not about to tell you to bring a chunky plastic, or spindly metal garden chair inside. Nor am I going to tell you that the slightly rusty metal table at the bottom of the garden should grace your dining room. But, I am going to ask you to think outside the box a little.

(Credit: Bianca Hall - French For Pineapple)

Over the last few years the rise and rise of wicker furniture has definitely blurred the lines between what is suitable design-wise for outdoor use and indoor use. In fact, last summer I wanted to buy a wicker sofa meant for outdoor use, with every intention of using it indoors. Or both!

When my friends at Out & Out Original got in touch about doing a garden furniture post (coming up soon!), I immediately fell for the Salem FSC Recycled Teak set, which includes two low, angled chairs (SO comfy) and a cute little matching side table. For your cocktail to sit on, obviously.

(Credit: Bianca Hall - French For Pineapple)

We have a 'gardener's garden', which we inherited from the previous owner. By that, I mean much of it is taken up by huge garden beds, which are completely wasted on us as we are not gardeners at all, so I view them as a waste of space. One day we'll re-landscape, but that's not even on the distant horizon right now. The reason I mention this is that it means that we don't have a lot of space for a lovely large outdoor sofa, but when we do, I have the Lodge garden sofa set earmarked!

However, the Salem set, will do very nicely for now indeed, and in my fantasy garden in my head, it still remains, and would go on the (currently non-existent) patio area, whilst the sofa would go further back on the (other currently non-existent) lawn area.

Sorry, lost in fantasy again! Now where was I....

(Credit: Bianca Hall - French For Pineapple)

So whilst the Salem set is indeed bound for the (actually real!) circular turfed area of our garden, I couldn't resist taking a few snaps to demonstrate how lovely the chairs look inside too, and I've left them there for now because they look so good!

The 'wicker' is actually a vinyl based material, engineered for outdoor use, so it will stay looking good despite our long dreary winters. Of course this also means that if used indoors, they can easily be wiped clean should any small people decide to spill the contents of their smoothie all over them, or any large people spill their wine. Because we can't blame everything on the small people now, can we?

The beautiful 'Seawash' teak is such a pretty colour, but more importantly, the natural oils will stop wood rot, and they'll develop an even more beautiful silver patina as they mature.

I can't wait to get them set up in the garden - we just need a little bit more sunshine!

**This blog post originally appeared on French For Pineapple HERE

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