Jo Bailey tells us how to style a sideboard

Jo Bailey tells us how to style a sideboard

Continuing our quest to creating the ultimate home, we look to the humble sideboard. Traditionally used within dining rooms for serving food, storing fine crockery and displaying the family silver, sideboards were the ultimate status symbol for the affluent home. Needless to say that 21st century sideboards have moved on. No longer a sign of status or wealth, we’re now free to have fun, experiment with quirky displays, clear away the clutter and house the sideboard in any room we see fit; but with several drawers, various cupboards and not to mention the vast expanse that is the top of the cabinet to contend with, styling the imposing piece of furniture is where it gets tricky.

Taking our cue from the beautifully styled Caso oak sideboard below, we turn to stylist Jo Bailey for her top tips on making the most of the space…

“Depending on the style of sideboard, and with a little imagination, you can create any look you desire. Taking the Caso as an example – the beautiful blonde wood leant itself to a gorgeous, leafy botanical feel. Here I incorporated vibrant greens to perfectly compliment the simplistic solidity of the oak. Then, with the basics in place I took inspiration from the white brickwork to add depth and texture through smaller accessories. Using the cupboard space to add interest and intrigue, the contrast between shadow and light completed the look.”

When styling your sideboard, it’s important to consider the following key factors…

1.    Work with the room.

This applies to both style and size. Choose the right sideboard for your particular room. Too large, and it will swamp the room, too small and the sideboard will get lost. Every home is individual.

2.    Be restrained.
Choose your desired theme and stick to it, opting for no more than 3 key colours to ensure a pulled-together and cohesive look. Equally this can apply to what you fill the sideboard with. Less is often more, and definitely try to keep the clutter at bay… it’s not a dumping ground!

3.    Create unexpected highlights.
Use the cupboard space to create an impromptu frame. Offering a sneak peek at ‘hidden’ items is a brilliant way to create a frame utilising the naturally dark backdrop.

4.    Create height. 
When it comes to dressing the top of the sideboard, experiment with various heights via plants, lighting, candles, a mirror hanging above or even stacked books. 

5.    Add texture. 
This is where plants come into their own – nothing adds instant life quite like a botanical touch. I love to stick with striking greens but choose any of your favourite plants and you will always enjoy passing by.

6.    Finally, have fun. 
A sideboard isn’t an essential item, it’s in your home through choice so don’t treat it as a bland necessity… use it to add personality into the room.

With Jo’s wise words firmly in mind, we take a look at a few more beautifully styled sideboards for a spot of visual inspiration:

Caption: styling by Jo Bailey | photography by Jon Aaron Green

Caption - Image via Pinterest

Caption - Image via Pinterest

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