From A Heap Of Old Honda Engines To Designer Furniture

From A Heap Of Old Honda Engines To Designer Furniture

Read how British Designer John Reeves was able to convert unwanted, scrap Honda engines in Vietnam into this collection of stylish furniture for the home and garden - simply called the CAS collection.

That's right, the CAS modern furniture collection is made from Honda engines which have been melted down and sand cast into beautiful designer shapes but why?

Everyone who visits Vietnam is amazed at the huge number of motorbikes that hoard the roads and create unbearable traffic conditions for residents and commuters alike, read more to find out how a designer furniture collection was born through the chaos of an emerging economy.

When the founder of Out and Out Original was living in Vietnam and met John Reeves, they struck up a friendship based on a love for design that would eventually bring the CAS contemporary furniture range to the UK.

In Vietnam, the older bikes are replaced in massive numbers by more modern bikes as Vietnam continues its journey to modernisation. By melting down the often difficult to recycle engine blocks and sand casting them into modern designer furniture such as the CAS collection, we breathe new life into the material as it continues its journey through time.

This is an original piece of designer furniture as each piece is individual sand cast giving it a unique finish and stylish look. The CAS range has expanded to include a stylish dining chair, two designer dining tables and a number of other stylish home furniture designs such as a lounge chair and garden bench.

Check out the below production images of how the sand casting process has taken place, real artisan furniture production to last generations

.It starts with a bunch of old Honda engines...











Melted down in a furnace to liquid metal....











Poured into carefully designed and crafted CAS moulds surrounded by sand...











Left to naturally cool and form their unique shape......










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