How to Arrange your Furniture to Promote Feng Shui

How to Arrange your Furniture to Promote Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient science originating from China. The main aim of this practice was to create a lively and harmonious environment. They achieved this harmony by ensuring the energy flowing through the subjects was in unity- each element was to complement the other to obtain an environment full of life. In a nutshell, it entails surrounding you and your family with positive energy, an energy that will bring well-being and peace of mind to your home. One of the best ways you can achieve this in your home is by arranging your furniture in accordant to Feng Shui.

The key to achieving comfort and correctly using your space is by changing the organization of your furniture. Proper spacing of your furniture gives your home a spacious and refined look. Arranging your furniture in accordance to Feng Shui follows specific concepts, the ideas including the flow of chi, a power setting, and a distinct pathway.

The Flow Chi

Chi is a Chinese concept of a life force. According to Feng Shui, you should arrange your furniture in a way that it sends out positive energy, enhancing your chi positively. You should arrange your sofa-sets and chairs in a u-shaped structure- to ensure your furniture fosters conversations which allow for the steady flow of chi. Make sure your furniture, especially chairs, are not facing each other directly, as this triggers disputes.

A Power Setting

If you are following the rules of Feng Shui, your furniture should not have their backside facing the door. It suggests you should ensure important furniture such as sofa sets or cupboards are in a power position that is, facing the door. If you cannot find a way to achieve this, install a mirror on the opposite surface, making sure anyone seated can still view the door. However, this is different for bedrooms, where your bed should not directly face the door.

A Distinct Pathway

There needs to be a clear path for Chi to flow from one place to another. Ensure the pathway to the door is always clear, leave a space between the furniture and wall, and place lamps or shelves in the sharp corners. Furniture is to be placed in the corners to ensure the Chi does not stagnate there.

Feng Shui ensures a proper arrangement of furniture, with precise spacing to ensure a peculiar flow of positive energy. The information that follows gives you sensible recommendations on how you can apply the principles of Feng Shui to your room or apartment.

How to Arrange Furniture for Your Kitchen

According to Feng Shui, in your kitchen, you should concentrate more on achieving proper lighting. Ensure the light is evenly distributed all over the kitchen area. Make sure to take advantage of natural light, do not cover your windows with large curtains that will prevent the light from flowing in. Keep your kitchen tidy at all time, including the window panes. All the other elements of the kitchen should be arranged with precision, following the rules of Feng Shui. They should adhere to the following suggestions.

  • When designing your kitchen, ensure there is an entrance between the sitting room and kitchen.
  • Use furniture like shelves and cabinets to separate gas -stove from the sink and fridge.
  • If you have a spacious kitchen, separate its various zones using artificial barriers. The barriers should not be continuous to ensure they don’t hinder the flow of the Chi.
  • When setting up your stove, avoid dark corners and set it in such a way that it does not touch the walls.
  • Arrange your furniture and stove in a way that when a person is cooking, he or she can directly see when someone is entering the kitchen.

How to Arrange Furniture for Your Living Room

Your sitting room is the leading area in your home- it is the place where your family gathers to relax and reinvigorate. It is where most conversations take place and the room where guests interact when they visit. Therefore, if there is a room where you should arrange your furniture following Feng Shui to create a constant flow of Chi, it is your living room. The following are some aspects you should look into when arranging the furniture in your living room, which you can find out more about here.

  • Have a limited number of furniture, this to avoid congestion in your sitting room.
  • To make sure there is a constant flow of the Chi, place your furniture against the walls leaving the center clear except for a small coffee table.
  • Ensure your sofa-sets are facing the door and the window, this creates a positive feeling to those sitting on them.
  • Avoid edges as they can cause the flow of negative energy, to counter this set up plants to makes sure they are not noticed.
  • Place a circular coffee table in the middle of the room to foster conversations.
  • Place your television screen between the sitting room and the next room to prevent positive energy from escaping the living room.
  • Place counters and cupboards near a solid wall and keep them away from the door.
  • Ensure the reflection of the door is not possible- if there are reflecting objects in the room.

How to Arrange Furniture for Your Bedroom

In the bedroom, the distribution of furniture should complement the shape of the room. You should arrange your furniture in accordance to the following Feng Shui suggestions:

  • Place all your furniture, including the sofa, cabinet, and bed against the wall.
  • The bed should have medium size legs, and the space under it should be free at all time to ensure the Chi energy flows freely. It is necessary to do this, as it assures a decent sleep and rest.
  • You should not place your bed directly facing the door. Set it on the side of the wall. Place it in a way that when someone sleeps on it, they can see the door.
  • Ensure your bed, table, cabinet, and lampstands have smooth edges. Sharp edges are not acceptable.
  • Have your favorite quote or painting directly opposite your bed. Feng Shui demands that when a person wakes up, they should see something positive.
  • If you are to have a mirror, ensure it does not reflect the figure of the sleeping person.

Final Thought

The above suggestions will help you efficiently arrange your room not only to make it look good but to breathe some sense of life into it. Try it out, and you will be amazed at the changes it will bring to your life.

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