Creating a Transitional Living Room

Creating a Transitional Living Room

Creating a Transitional (Winter) Living Room

While I love to give a nod to the seasons with a few little changes to my living room, I also like to keep those changes relatively simple, so that it doesn't cost a fortune, and is easily reversed when the seasons move on again, should I choose to do so.

Always keep your colour scheme in mind for your changes and additions, so that you can create a really cosy and cohesive space for the colder months, and a fresher space for the spring and summer, working with your base pieces. 


Add a dimmer switch for the overhead light, or stick to floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and candlelight. Ideally have at least five different light sources. In my living room, I have the overhead light, a large table lamp, a smaller table lamp, a floor lamp, and two double wall lights on the built in alcove cupboards. This layered effect is priceless when it comes to creating an inviting atmospheric space.

For lampshades, think warm colours that work with the existing colour scheme, in textured silks, pleated linen, and warm metallics.

Add a scented candle, some tea lights, or even fairy lights, and your lighting is sorted.

Personally the only thing I change lighting wise in the colder months is that I have more candles burning. Layering your lighting is important to create atmosphere no matter what the weather.


Consider bringing in more texture with some sheepskins and a velvet throw. Chunky knits and faux fur are also great options to visually and physically warm things up!

Changing the colour and texture of a couple of your cushions, can dramatically transform a room. I've swapped pink linen for pink velvet for the colder months, and added some heavily textured patterned cushions in neutral tones too.

For items like window coverings and rugs that are a bigger commitment, choose something that works year round. You can never go wrong with textured dupion silks and linens for window coverings, and materials like jute and seagrass for rugs feel fresh in the summer, yet cosy in the winter. You can even layer them up with hides or sheepskins in the colder months.

This beautiful Stark sofa, one of Out & Out Original’s own designs, is a great base for all seasons. For the winter, layer it up with loads of cosy cushions, a throw or two and a sheepskin. It just begs to be curled up on. Of course, simply swap to lighter fabrics and pop the sheepskin away in the summer, and voila – you’ve created a fresh summery feel.


Personally I’m not a huge fan of traditionally ‘wintry’ colours like reds, oranges and mustards. The colours that feel fresh and modern right now for me, and that are perfect for winter, are warm browns (caramels and tans), olive greens, blue-greys, plums and dusty pinks. Stick to muted versions of these colours rather than clean crisp versions for a warmer feel.

Use a limited colour palette to stop the room being too busy, so perhaps just introduce (or replace) one or two colours into your existing scheme.

Here’s a round up for some more inspiration - go on, be brave and try something a little different this winter!

Written by Bianca Hall

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