How To Choose The Perfect Modern Coffee Table

How To Choose The Perfect Modern Coffee Table

It's often said that the coffee table is the centre of any living room. When you're choosing a coffee table for your living room, there are a number of equally important factors to take into consideration. Not only is it important to choose a coffee table that does its job - whatever you consider that to be - but you also need to find one that 'works' with your current living room furnishings.

Many people think that the options for coffee tables in modern living rooms are sparse; but just because you've got modern sofas, this doesn't mean that your coffee table has to be geometric and minimalist too. All kinds of coffee tables can work in modern living rooms provided you pay attention to the right details.

Firstly, it is important that you choose a coffee table that matches the general colour scheme of your living room. If you choose a wooden coffee table, make sure it's made from a similar style of wood as the rest of your furniture. If the rest of your living room is pine for example, a mahogany coffee table will just look out of place. 

Retro coffee tables such as the Catana range (image above )can be used beside modern sofas such as our Oscar two seater sofa to provide a little variation without seeming out of place.

Alternatively, the Victoria side table in Chartreuse colour (image below) is just as much a piece of art as it is retro a coffee table

Conversely, when it comes to choosing what kind of style coffee table to get, don't just assume that it needs to match the style of your living room exactly. Rustic coffee tables like the Malmo Storage Coffee Table (image below) can work just as well as a contrasting piece in a modern room as in a traditional room and even offers a dual function as a storage box.

Equally, more modern tables can also provide a welcome break in rustically decorated living rooms, too; again, the important thing is to match your colours and wood styles throughout.

The coffee table really is the centre of a room, so it can really be used to tie everything in together. Rather than choosing a coffee table which you think is an exact match for your sofas, choose one just a little bit different to highlight other aspects of the room and bring them in; this is a simple way to a homely, stylish and cohesive living room.

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