How To Buy The Right Extending Table

How To Buy The Right Extending Table

Out and Out Original this month launches its first ever danish furniture collection called CASO.

The rising star of the collection is the amazing CASO extending table. In fact, we got so excited we thought we'd better write a guide on how to choose the perfect extending table while we were at it!

Take a few minutes to read our tips and tricks on how to choose an extending table that will last!

Does size matter?

On some things I'm afraid yes it does. Getting the size right is critical for your new piece of modern dining furniture.

Firstly, if you are looking for a six seater table which then extends out, it needs to have a resting dimension of at least a 180cm length. This will give you enough space at the ends to avoid knocking knees with your weird uncle during Sunday brunch.

You can then scale up or down from that with a four seater being a minimum of 140cm and an eight seater being around 220cm.

Quality hardware?

This is often overlooked in lieu of designer shapes and price but is the first part of poorly constructed extending tables to let the side down.

Make sure hardware looks sturdy and clean, a silver patina finish will show the steel has been electro-galvanised against rust. This is the same coating used on metal lamp posts and security fencing and when done right will last 20 years.

Make sure the mechanism slides easily without speed bumps and that the ball bearings and wire system is tight and doesn't rattle.

Quality wood?

So last time you checked, you probably weren't a lumberjack or a carpenter but that doesn't mean you can't sniff out poor quality wood furniture.

Firstly, keep an eye out for sap wood. It will be a section of light coloured wood within the main fabric of the furniture. Sap wood comes from closer to the centre of the tree and is often softer and weaker. Using lower grade sap wood is a trick some furniture makers use to save cost so be vigilant if you want to invest in something that lasts. 

Ensure the grain and the overall colour of the wood is consistent. Unless you are buying recycled wood which of course will be full of defects which prove its originality, new wood furniture should be smooth and consistent.

Quality Design?

Good design is design that you like and the best design is the design that you like and can afford!

God is in the detail, look for tightly fitted joints, elegant edges and proportioned angles and remember that good craftsman make good designs, incompetent craftsman do not so quality in finish and sanding is very important.

Look for symmetry as that is tantamount to timeless beauty rather than trendy fads and finally, choose something that you love, life is too short to live with furniture that doesn't smile at you everyday. 


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