Out & Out Style - Combining Styles

Out & Out Style - Combining Styles

Mixing styles is what stops your home looking like a soulless show house, or indeed the junk shop that time forgot. It's what makes a house a home and gives it life and energy, making it personal and most importantly, it makes it uniquely yours. 

(Pic 1 – Image Credit: Patina Rentals NYC)

A room or home that’s dedicated to entirely one style can look flat and too controlled, ending up looking more like a film set - and not in a good way!

However, you don’t need to throw everything into the mix, in fact it’s best to stick with two or three styles that work together to achieve a cohesive look that you love.

Maybe it’s a Contemporary mixed with Industrial look that you’re going for, or Traditional meets Rustic. For me it’s a mostly a mix of Contemporary, Vintage and Modern pieces that I tend to be drawn to. 

(Pic 2 – Image Credit Julia Robbs for Bollare)

Learning to mix your styles is very handy if you’re moving in with a partner who has quite a different style to you. It’s imperative to mix the styles in each room so that your home doesn’t look disjointed – so don’t put all his or her contemporary furniture in just one room, mix it up!

Here are some great examples of mixing styles and pieces to achieve a well-balanced, unique look…

Pair a rustic or industrial side table with a traditional button back chair like the Blenham Classic Natural Armchair to create some laid-back charm. The pieces sit well together, and don’t jar, but an industrial piece brings the look up to date. 

Add some Botanical details to a Minimalist piece like the Caso Oak Sideboard to liven things up a bit. Natural greenery sits well with every style, and brings life to a room without being overbearing.

In my living room, the very Contemporary Slouchy Sofa, sits beautifully with a Vintage coffee table, and Modern lighting.

(Pic 5 – Image Credit: Bianca Hall)

I love adding houseplants into practically every room of the house, and this Snake Plant adds interest in both colour and it’s sculptural form.

(Pic 6 – Image Credit: Bianca Hall)

Also in my living room is a vintage Pieff ‘Beta’ leather chair (the beaten up leather chair is always a winner!), next to my display shelves which house another sculptural plant and a mixture of both new and vintage treasures, topped with contemporary brass lighting.

(pic 7 – Image Credit: Bianca Hall)

In my dining room, we have an Industrial style stainless steel clad table, softened with a mixture of modern chairs and bench seats strewn with sheepskins. The contemporary brass lighting hung low above the table further softens the industrial edge, bringing a sense of warmth and cosiness.

(pic 8 – Image Credit: Bianca Hall)

This room is again a mix of styles, with an antique chest of drawers sitting in front of a contemporary take on wall moulding. The shaggy rug has an ethnic feel, and again some plant life add colour and vitality. The colour palette is very limited in here, giving the room a more grown up, glamorous feel.

(pic 9 – Image Credit: Bianca Hall)

To keep your room from looking the wrong side of eclectic with all the different styles, try to limit your colour palette so that there is a sense of harmony and balance. The pieces will work together better if there are not too many different colours going on. Try sticking to to a maximum of three to four colours on top of your neutrals. And remember metallics are considered neutrals!

(pic 10 – Image Credit: Julia Robbs for Bollare)

Share your eclectic styles with us - we’d love to take a peek!

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