Our Best Seller Guide to Garden Furniture 2015

Our Best Seller Guide to Garden Furniture 2015

Do you find searching for garden furniture difficult? Well we do it for a living and we certainly do so we thought it wise to give you a head start on the crowds and compile our best selling garden furniture ranges for 2015.

So where do we start? Well firstly it has to be with your choice of materials where there are many options out there. If you are wanting something organic and reliable for great value for money they choose hardwood. However, if maintenance is an issue, then Teak would be the ultimate upgrade as it is the most premium wood species for outdoor use. Rattan lover? It's not for everyone but artificial rattan has come on leaps and bounds the last few years and not only is it maintenance free but can look perfectly natural to boot!

The Parsons Collection is a beauty and is our best selling hardwood range of all time. It is an exclusive Out and Out Original design and has a beautiful and honest traditional feel whilst offering a sturdy and comfortable design with a modern seat and back cushion. The collection includes the Parsons sunlounger and the Parsons Deckchair with the incredible Parsons 8 seater dining set available for around £699 depending on the season. The best value for money hardwood collection in the country

If you are fan of organic wood and you can afford to splash out on a more premium material then teak most definately where you need to be. With its natural chemicals and anti-oxidants that protect against woodrot, it only needs a wash down each year effectively making it maintenance free. We have taken teak to a new level with the introduction of our recycled teak range which is 100% FSC certified (meaning it is environmentally friendly and from sustainable sources). Interestingly, our recycled teak is the most durable and solid teak in the UK as it has already served its life as a different purpose in ancient houses upto 100 years old where it is then re-treated and brought back to its originally glory. The Winton Dining Collection starts from £599 and comes as a four seater, six seater and eight seater and includes water repellent cushions and proportionally sized tables.

As we said earlier, artificial rattan when made properly can be a show stopper. Take the Bastille dining collection where each bucket chair is delicately hand woven and takes two days to complete! The artificial rattan colour is known as Irish Coffee and is exclusive to Out & Out Original in the UK. The Bastille wicker dining set is our most luxurious and romantic dining collection and for those who can afford it, will last a lifetime.

If dining is not your thing then why not opt for a lounge set? We have some of the most sought after lounge sets in the country with the best prices around. You can choose between a range of materials and price points to suit your needs, why not check out our buyers guides for a more detailed explanation of your options.




Good luck with your search and please do let us know if you have any feedback on this article or any of our designer pieces. Don't forget, all our furniture is delivered by our two man specialist team at a time that is convenient for you!

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