5 Tips for Creating a Low Maintenance Garden

5 Tips for Creating a Low Maintenance Garden

With the countless sunny days we are enjoying this summer, you undoubtedly want to be making the most of your garden by relaxing in the sun and enjoying yourself, instead of having to worry about garden maintenance. That’s why we’ve put together our top 5 tips for achieving a low maintenance garden, so you can keep the outdoor jobs to a minimum and enjoy carefree al fresco living!

1. Opt for planters over pots

Save some time when it comes to planting by opting for rectangular planters which allow you to plant several plants in the same container. This is also extra useful when it comes to watering, by keeping everything in one place. Our collection of Rectangular Planters can help you out with this and they are available in a small size which measures 47.0x25.5x25.5H(cm), a medium size measuring 65.0x34.5x34.5H(cm) and large sizes with either two sections which measures 85.0x44.5x44.5H(cm) or three sections measuring 125.5x44.5x44.5H(cm). This means that you can choose the right size to suit your space and the plants you have.

Medium Rectangular Concrete Planter with Two Sections: £99

Alternatively, our collection of tall planters includes a small size which measures 68.5x25.5x62.H(cm) and a larger size measuring 95.5.x34.5.x90.H(cm). These planters offer a sleek, modern appearance and are constructed using durable concrete for a contemporary appearance with unmatched durability.

Tall Rectangular Concrete Planter with Three Sections - Small £129 

2. Choose your plants wisely

To keep garden maintenance to a minimum, be sure to choose plants which do not require regular pruning. Self-clinging climbers such as a climbing hydrangea are a great low maintenance choice. Equally, cordylines can give your garden a topical look with their palm-like appearance, whilst many cordylines are drought resistant, perfect for if you forget to water them on some occasions! They can also be hardy to as low as -6 degrees, meaning they should stand the test of time over the winter months.

Keeping the long term in mind, perennials are also a wise choice when creating a low maintenance garden. Perennials are plants which will last more than two years, meaning you do not have to worry about yearly replanting.

3. Scale back the lawn

Cutting the lawn is one of the most important garden maintenance jobs, so be sure not to make life more difficult with awkward and difficult to reach areas which take longer to mow. Keeping your lawn a neat square/rectangular shape makes the job much easier, with straight edges.  

You can scale back your lawn in a number of ways, by adding decking, creating a patio, or adding gravel. Scaling back your lawn also allows you to make way for an outdoor dining set, such as our Havana Garden Dining Set- 6 Seats, which is equally maintenance free, thanks to its aluminium construction, which has been heat treated and electrostatically coated for the ultimate resilience.  

Havana - Garden Dining Set - 6 Seats £499

4. Add some edging

Keeping the edges of your lawn neat and tidy is another time consuming garden maintenance job which many of us could do without. A simply way to avoid this tedious task is by installing some stone or wooden edging. This not only gives your garden a polished look, but takes away the need for regularly trimming the edges.

5. Swap hedges for fences

Although hedges can look impressive, keeping them well maintained can be a time consuming task if doing it yourself, or costly if using a professional. Replacing your hedges with fences crosses one more job off your list, as you will not need to worry about regular trimming, something which is even more important if your hedge runs along a public footpath.

There are limitless options to choose from when it comes to fencing, so you can pick something which complements your home, whether it be traditional or contemporary. Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that fences can require some maintenance in the form of occasional treating or repainting to make sure they remain in top condition.

Once you’ve created a low maintenance outdoor space, be sure to check out our range of designer garden furniture, with everything from outdoor dining sets and lounge sets to planters and pots. You can also keep up with our latest product releases by following us on Facebook.


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