Kerstin- Ms. Marmite Lover

Meet Ms. Marmite Lover

From launching the supper club movement to showcasing her delicious cake creations on her award-winning blog Kerstin, aka Ms Marmite Lover, is our go-to guru for all things tasty.


Kerstin in her own words…


My interiors style in 3 words: Rustic, pretty, French


My favourite interiors purchase ever… a laundry blue dresser I found on the street in Paris. I’ve never repainted it as I’ve never found the same blue. In terms of something I’ve actually bought… my cream 3 oven aga.


An easy, go-to styling trick… Choose 2/3 colours and stick to them. But try them in different textures.


If I could live anywhere, it would be… Mexico. On the beach.


My design hero is… Barbara hulanicki, the founder of Biba. She has also designed hotels. She had such a strong look.


My dream buy… A long pale rectory table.


My biggest styling no-no…  anything 80s. 


If money were no object I would buy… a boat. Maybe a tall ship. It would come complete with an 18th century crew.


Twitter: @msmarmitelover

Instagram: @msmarmitelover

Facebook: @msmarmitelover

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