Bianca Hall

Meet Bianca Hall

Since discovering Bianca’s blog French For Pineapple a couple of years ago we’ve been obsessed with her bold and vibrant style. Never one to shy away from an interiors challenge, Bianca is forever experimenting with redecorating and DIY projects around her London home, so who better to advise us on how to work trends and furniture into the home!? A self-proclaimed expert shopper you’ll find Bianca’s posts focusing around her gorgeous home, showcasing inspirational style and insider tips for creating a home that truly shouts personality from the rooftops.

Bianca in her own words…


My interiors style in 3 words: Contemporary, Glam, Edgy.


My favourite interiors purchase ever…A vintage lucite (acrylic) side table/media unit on chrome wheels from ebay for £50. It currently serves as my bedside table and I’ll never ever get rid of it.


An easy, go-to styling trick…Corale random items onto a tray for an instant pulled together look.


If I could live anywhere, it would be…Malibu Beach.


My design hero is…The American Designer Kelly Wearstler.


My dream buy…It changes weekly, but this week it’s some incredible vintage tan leather safari style dining chairs.


My biggest styling no-no…Faux plants. Fine in commercial spaces, but not in homes, because it completely misses the point.


If money were no object I would buy…That house on Malibu Beach!


Instagram @frenchforpineapple

Twitter @BiancaHallLDN

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