Home Furniture

Browse our amazing range of designer furniture which includes Oak, Teak, Metal, Cast Iron, Upholstery and Wicker.

Home Furniture

Here at Out & Out Original, we've devoted ourselves to finding the absolute best in beautiful, long-lasting, innovative designer furniture from around the globe, and offering it to you at amazing prices.

All of our designer furniture is hand-picked by us for its stand-out beauty, and we pride ourselves in offering a small, but finely-tuned range of furniture with styles that will complement any modern home. We offer items in all styles, from solid industrial furniture, to modern and mid-century designs. Our products are made from an amazing range of materials, and we like to offer products that are made sustainably. So, whether you want reclaimed industrial furniture, recycled aluminium postmodern designs, or upcycled marble, we've got exactly the thing for you!

We believe in a world where products aren't disposable, where things wear in, not out, so we make sure that every piece of designer furniture we sell or make will last for as long as you need it to (and then a little bit longer).

Because we deal directly with the makers, we can offer you these products at exclusive, low prices, and all products come with free standard delivery. That's what we call a win/win!

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