Modern Wooden Dining Sets

We have an extensive range of modern wooden dining sets, which have been intricately crafted using a wide range of high quality woods such as oak, mahogany and luxurious walnut.

We have paired our wooden dining tables with a diverse range of chairs, ranging from Scandinavian-inspired bucket chairs, through to the more traditional high backed chairs.

Modern Wooden Dining Sets

Wooden dining sets are a classic choice for any home, whether it’s a large place in the country or a compact city apartment, we have a range of wooden dining sets which are sure to complement any dining space.

The collection draws upon many different types of wood and many different styles, ranging from the Bojan dining sets which feature a superb quality oak dining table, through to the Balmoral collection which showcases beautiful mahogany dining tables. We also have a more recently launched walnut collection which is perfect for those looking who prefer a darker toned wood.

Whether you are replacing your existing dining set or starting from scratch in a new place, our wooden dining sets will cater to all tastes.

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