Katie Frade

Meet Katie Frade

Our resident hands-on trend forecaster, Katie brings life to mood boards, colour trends and design-inspired round-ups. Using her vast knowledge as a Textile Design lecturer at Central Saint Martins as well as her experience as a stylist Katie keeps us posted on what to look out for during the seasons ahead, how to work the trends into our homes and how to add a personal touch to make it that extra bit special.

Katie in her words…


My interiors style in 3 words: Trinkets, Textures and Tones


My favourite interiors purchase ever…my custom made dining table; Marble top with sprayed metal legs. Perfect mix of simplicity, shiny new-ness but with an industrial edge.


An easy, go-to styling trick…group a few prized possessions together for a curated focal point.


If I could live anywhere, it would be…I'd like to live (for a day anyhow!) amongst Do Ho Suh's fabric structures. A breathtaking environment of Passageways that had too many details to remember from only one visit.


My design hero is… Can't pinpoint one person, I'm inspired by artists and designers across a range of disciplines.


My dream buy…a staggeringly beautiful chair which the children cannot touch. Not quite at that stage yet!


My biggest styling no-no…Blandness. Inject some personality but don't fall victim to each & every trend. Have your own opinion as to whether  you like something or not.


If money were no object I would buy…That chair!


Website: www.katiesellers.co.uk/

Twitter: @ksellersfrade

Instagram: @katiefrade

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