What Dining Furniture Works Best For Entertaining At Christmas?

What Dining Furniture Works Best For Entertaining At Christmas?

Kids back from uni for Christmas and need a bit more space?

But it's only for a couple of days at best so how do we plan our dining area in a way that makes sense?

Have you thought about an extending table?

Read about our new modern oak furniture range which features a super smart extending table ideal for special occasions.


This Best selling Oak extending table is from the realms of furniture heaven.

At a resting dimension (i.e. not extended) it is already a generous 180cm long but once you pull out the leaves, it grows to a massive 270cm.

No more awkward dining room "solutions" at Christmas, just take 30 seconds and show why everyone made the right choice to come to your place with your brand new Caso 8 seater dining set.


For such a glorious extending table we needed a timeless chair design. We threw away the traditional "oak" look often seen in the high street and took on a design with more organic shapes. The Caso designer oak chair used to be part of mother nature so we let that inspire us.

Solid steel hardware

There is nothing worse than an extending table that loses its grace with time.

This solid steel hardware that drives the extending system is galvanised against rusting and has hundreds of ball bearings that allow the table top to slide across its frame with elegance.

The extendable section hides underneath the table perfectly when not in use and unfolds when needed. 

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