We've Launched Our First Range Of Breakfast Bar Stools!

We've Launched Our First Range Of Breakfast Bar Stools!

So the Briggs breakfast bar stools have not officially arrived in the UK yet but we couldn't resist to give you a sneak peak.

Available in a range of colours from January 2014, these industrial look gems are ideal for enjoying a cup of earl grey in the morning before the bedlam begins, find out how you can get your hands on one or click here to browse our range

Starting at just £199 each they are made by O&OO's design partner District Eight Design and are available in a range of colours but don't worry, for the Henry Ford fans we also grabbed a few in black!

These designer bar stools have a leg frame that is made from hardened steel, elegantly machine bent with a mounted oak seat. Interestingly the oak seat is even adjustable to throw a bit of functionality into the mix!

What sets District Eight Design apart from the other industrial look furniture makers out there their gift in bringing a touch of modernity to an industrial inspired design. The result is a subtle blend of modern with industrial features as opposed to something that looks like it just came of scrapheap challenge, not a great look.


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