The Top 5 Modern Sofas For 2014

The Top 5 Modern Sofas For 2014

We hope you enjoy our top five picks but at some point would recommend you read our buyers guide to sofas so that irrespective of who you choose to buy from, your armed with all the questions and information you need to make the right choice!

That's right, yellow!
The Clarence 3 Seater Sofa is long enough for you to relax on and is armed with some serious design features that sets it apart.
With beautiful scroll arms and hand turned oak legs, the chunky seat is inviting and suprisingly comfortable for a modern sofa.
If you're walls and floors are calm, we'd welcome this pastel prince with open arms.


This gorgeous number comes in charcoal with natural oiled oak legs and base and defines simplicity.
2014 will be like 2013, hectic, busy and quite probably hard work so if you're looking for a modern sofa that keeps the place calm and classy then why not opt for the Olivia three seater sofa.
What we love about this designer piece is it's simplicity comes with a confidence. Its linear design only works because from the arms to the cushions and those cute legs, the proportions are perfect.

Lavender and black are our choice of colour for 2014.
Wilfred is gorgeously shaped with high wings and gently rolling arms. The devil lies in the detail with black painted feet and colour co-ordinated hand stitched buttons
It's bold in so many ways it deserves a mention in our top five modern sofas for 2014.

It's so subtle you'd probably miss it.
Richard is reliable, calm, comforting and most importantly really well designed however, there lies a hidden detail which sets him apart from everyone.
The Richard 3 Seater Sofa is graced with an alluring yellow trim that is partially overlaid with a grey trim which almost plays with the eyes.
It makes this modern sofa utterly unique and gives you the perfect chance to create a colour theme without being too obvious.

Saving the best until last? You decide.
We love George for his strong arms and comfy seat and back cushions which bring the cozyness.
He's our personal favourite here at Out and Out Original as its not often a chunky modern sofa can bring this much design without being too quirky.
The George three seater sofa closes our top five modern sofa picks for 2014, we hope this has given you some food for thought and wish you good luck on your journey - thanks for reading!

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