The Out & Out Guide to Hosting a Royal Wedding Party

The Out & Out Guide to Hosting a Royal Wedding Party

With not long to go now until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on May 19th, millions of us across the country will be tuning in or perhaps even going one step further and hosting our own Royal celebrations.

Whether it’s a traditional street party or a viewing party with family and friends, here at Out & Out, we have put together the ultimate guide to holding your own Royal Wedding party, covering everything from the all-important food and decorations, to some of our very own Royal Wedding-inspired product picks to ensure that you are viewing the big day in comfortable surroundings.

1. Location

Weather permitting, holding your celebrations outside can give you plenty of extra space and an opportunity to make the most out of your garden as the weather starts to warm up. Equally, a traditional street party is a great way of bringing the community together to watch the big event.

For a safer bet, holding your celebrations indoors takes away any weather worries and allows you to have the TV coverage running throughout the day.

2. Seating

It is just as important that you have somewhere comfortable to view the wedding, or seat any party guests. Here at Out & Out we have several Royal Wedding-inspired products of our own which can help you to set the scene for the big day!

Royal Lounge Chair

What better place to start than our Royal Lounge Chair? An aptly named choice for the occasion, which is perfect for if you’re celebrating with a street party, or in the garden. Inspired by the shape of a throne, these vibrant outdoor armchairs add fun charm to your outdoor space and they are sure to be a firm favourite with the children. Available in blue, green or orange, you can choose your favourite, or mix and match!

Balmoral Classic 6 Seater Round Dining Set

With a nod to the Royal Family’s Scottish home, our Balmoral Classic 6 Seater Round Dining Set is the perfect centre piece for your dining room, consisting of a beautiful vintage grey, mahogany dining table, which is perfect for showcasing your party snacks! Even long after Harry and Meghan are husband and wife, this dining set will continue to take centre stage in your home.

Bestman Armchair

Finally, what wedding would be complete without a Best Man? Whilst Prince William will be performing this duty for Harry, you can have a Best Man of your very own with our Bestman Armchair in Grey. With a design shaped for maximum comfort, coupled with super soft wool upholstery, this chair is sure to be your perfect viewing partner for a long day spent in front of the television watching the celebrations.

3. Decorate

Once you’ve decided where to host your celebrations and the seating arrangements are sorted, it’s time to decorate! Bunting is the obvious choice for any royal celebration, coupled with plenty of Union Flags and a red, white and blue colour scheme. Party Pieces, the online party supply store owned by the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother has an entire ‘Best of British’ category, which is perfect for getting kitted out with all kinds of patriotic party decor.

4. Food

Arguably the most important part, any good party needs a great spread of drinks and snacks! Jelly is the ultimate party food and this simple treat can be quickly and easily prepared, looks great and is sure to go down well with children and adults alike.

To make your own Royal Wedding party jellies, simply prepare a sachet of Hartley’s Mixed Berry Flavour Glitter Jelly, distributing it evenly between some shot glasses and leaving it to set in the fridge. After your ‘blue’ layer has set, repeat the process with a sachet of Hartley’s Strawberry Flavour Glitter Jelly. Once your jellies have completely set, mix up a sachet of Bird’s Dream Topping and generously distribute this between your jellies, finishing them off with some raspberries and blueberries, or any other topping of your choice!

5. Music

If you’re attending a street party then you may be lucky enough to enjoy some live music, but if the music is down to you then streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify contain hundreds of playlists to get you in the party spirit. Whether it’s the Best of British playlist or the Ultimate Wedding Party Playlist, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Whatever your plans for May 19th may be, we hope that this guide has helped to give you some inspiration, whether that be for a quick party treat or a new furniture purchase!

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