How To Buy The Best Rattan Garden Furniture?

How To Buy The Best Rattan Garden Furniture?

Rattan is the collective name given to around 600 species of palms, which are cut into sections and used to make all manner of furniture. Rattan garden furniture tends to be popular in both gardens and conservatories due to its robustness and easy maintenance, and can be shaped in a variety of different ways to create stylish and unique items of furniture.

Another great property of rattan is that it easily takes paints and stains, meaning that you will be able to find furniture in a range of colours and shades to suit your needs. While natural rattan dining chairs and other furniture are common, a number of other shades are available such as grey, which can lend themselves to more natural environments. 

What style of rattan furniture is best for me?

When buying rattan or wicker garden furniture, it is important to find a style that best suits your environment. There are many different options available, including armchairs, benches, dining sets, chairs and more. Many will come with cushions, which are the only element that needs to be taken inside: the rattan itself is waterproof, and needs very little maintenance bar the occasional clean.

What about synthetic rattan furniture?

You should also consider whether you are looking for genuine rattan lounge furniture or garden furniture, or whether you would benefit from a manmade alternative. Genuine rattan is less weatherproof than its manmade counterparts, meaning that it will age more quickly. Rattan substitutes tend to be made from natural plastics, which are high in quality and designed to both look and feel like genuine rattan - but with a greater level of durability. 

Be sure also to consider the function of the furniture before buying - you may wish to buy furniture that will suit both an indoor and an outdoor space, which will give you greater versatility.

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