Coffee Table Ideas For Modern Sofas

Coffee Table Ideas For Modern Sofas

When choosing a new sofa and coffee table combination, there are a number of both retro and modern looks that can be achieved with a little experimentation.

But how do you choose a modern coffee table to match your brand new sofa?

Are you a blender or do you prefer to be a bit eclectic and mix and match?

Take a read of our favourite picks!

Retro side tables can add a functional element to a lounge layout, and retro fans may wish to consider one of the Catana Round Retro Tables that can be colour-matched to a number of sofa shades. Whatever your personal tastes in furnishings, there will be a layout of lounge furniture that is suitable. For many people, investing in a quality coffee table provides an excellent opportunity for the table to be an eye-catching centre piece of the living room - as opposed to just having a simple table that complements the sofa.The first question to ask may seem simple and trivial, but it will have a large impact on your final decision.

You need to decide whether or not you want individual tables or one long coffee table. Fans of symmetry and perfect layouts will appreciate a single table that is roughly the same length as the accompanying sofa, such as the Malmo Storage Coffee Table. This has the potential to be the centre of attention, with its two-tone design and the added bonus of ample storage - it has classical Swedish inspiration with materials reclaimed from New Zealand. If having storage isn't desirable, the Brunel Coffee Table offers a more minimalist design that is ideal for accompanying a dark-coloured sofa.

Choosing individual coffee tables is sensible for people that may want to have their tables at different distances to the main sofa, and they are also ideal for placing to the side. In a similar manner to its full-length counterpart, the Malmo Side Table has a striking design and a drawer for storage - this may even eliminate the age-old problem of disappearing remote controls! If you are looking for something a little bit special to accompany a sofa with 'flowing, curved features,' the Victoria Side Tables are available in multiple colours. The design of the legs allows the table to remain incredibly sturdy while also grabbing the attention of visitors to your living room. If you fall in love with this unique design, the same product is also available in longer and higher versions (the console variety).

Having discussed the various options for matching the sofa colour to the shade of the coffee table, there is always the option to go for an eclectic layout. For many people, if you absolutely love a table or sofa design, but cannot match the colours, this can be an ideal compromise. The District Eight Design Coffee Table with glass is made to stand out in a room (pictured above) - regardless of the sofa that is standing nearby.

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