A Two Minute Guide To Choosing A Modern Sofa

A Two Minute Guide To Choosing A Modern Sofa

Choosing a modern sofa or armchair can be tricky.

Do you opt for a timeless look that will be unphased by your seasonal taste buds?

Or do you strike a pose with a contemporary sofa to breathe some life into your living room?

Take 2 minutes to read this guide to give you a helping hand.

Choosing a style for something modern

We tend to feel that if you are looking for modern sofas and armchairs to grace your period Victorian terrace or new apartment or flat then a contemporary feel is a must and something striking such as a danish designer sofa would fit right in.

Adding a retro coffee table is an affordable way to save time on redecorating whilst still giving your room a fresh blast of colour. You can then combine that with some trendy throw pillows and scatter cushions and give yourself a real interior design look for a great price.

If your budget is between £400 and £600 then your options on the high street are limited but there are alternatives out there if you are willing to put in the effort. We cooked up the combination on the right to give you an idea of how an Oscar retro 2 seater sofa combined with a green Catana coffee table will add colour and character for a price that certainly packs a punch!


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