Breakfast Bar Stools

You can browse our range of black, green, yellow and white bar stools which are ideal for use in the kitchen dining area of your home. If you are looking for stools for your breakfast bar, restaurant, coffee shop or bar then get in touch.

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Breakfast Bar Stools

As with all of our designer dining furniture, we've made the extra effort to select what we think are the very best in modern, original design and craftsmanship. We've not limited ourselves to one location, and we offer products from around the world.

We've chosen these breakfast bar stools for their mix of great style and simple, no-nonsense lasting quality. They would be just as well suited to a busy bar as a quiet apartment breakfast counter. We love the surprisingly minimal (yet strong) form of the Briggs Breakfast Bar Stool, which comes in a range of great colours, and the Louis Hybrid is, simply, our pride and joy - commissioned by us and designed by John Reeves, it's a stunning piece in steel and teak. Or, for a retro breakfast bar stool, look no further than District Eight's stool, complete with backrest and upcycled sewing machine parts!

We can help you out whether you're looking for stools for a breakfast bar, restaurant, café, coffee shop or bar. Just give us a call and we'll discuss arrangements.

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