How To Create A Modern Look With Breakfast Bar Stools

How To Create A Modern Look With Breakfast Bar Stools

Once a kitchen has been furnished, an excellent way to modernise the environment is by adding breakfast bar stools.

There are an enormous variety of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from so finding the right one requires some careful consideration.

When deciding what is the best complement to a counter, or bistro table it is best to keep some of the key factors in mind so why not read our quick guide and get some inspiration...

Size does matter

One of the most important aspects to selection is size. It is also essential that the fabric and finish are ideally suited to the environment, but if a stool is too tall or too short, what they are made from is completely immaterial. Adjustable stools are an excellent option as the versatility means that they will work as either bar stools or counter stools.

These adjustable bar stools have a leg frame that is made from hardened steel, elegantly machine bent with a mounted oak seat. Interestingly the oak seat is even adjustable to throw a bit of functionality into the mix!

Narrow seats and wide feet

For clever use of space it is also really important to consider the size of the frame. A tapered bar stool design will allow seats to be placed close together without making the environment look cluttered. This effect is achieved by using a broad footing with a relatively narrow seat area. This will allow the feet of the stools to be placed close together yet gives the appearance of ample spacing between each piece.

Adding some texture with materials

The choice of materials is another key factor in creating the right impression. Wood effect furnishing is often considered old fashioned and more like the type of decor that you expect in an old-world pub, not in a modern kitchen. Wooden bar stools can look fabulous when combined with a minimal kitchen designs. In a stark environment they can help lend an element of warmth and comfort in a background that will seem harsh without them.

Metal bar stools are also an excellent choice in helping to create a fully modern feel. Most will come with an upholstered or wooden seat for comfort and have that additional benefit of durability. Many also come with a range of useful features, like swivel seats and height that can be adjusted with gas-lifts or hydraulics.

Useful tips

When choosing an adjustable stool make sure the mechanism is concealed. If the gas-lift or hydraulics are exposed they will leave greasy marks on anything they come in to contact with. The best options will have a sleeve over the piston. Upholstery can be problematic, and is more likely to deteriorate over time.



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