How To Choose A Retro Sofa To Match Your Rooms Vintage Look

How To Choose A Retro Sofa To Match Your Rooms Vintage Look

In this post we outline some hints and tips on how you can choose the perfect retro sofa to match with your rooms vintage theme. 

We are big fans of the vintage look and have admired and followed its evolution over the years as its graced contemporary homes worldwide. Let us give you our quick thoughts on different ways to match a sofa and armchair with this typically individual theme.

Choosing a sofa is a big buy, lets not rush it! 

Want something contemporary to avoid a Vintage overkill? Look for a compact fabric sofa with a low back and bite sized arms but make sure you have visible wooden legs to keep a common thread though your theme

Or, choose one that’s self-consciously stylish: mid century modern sofas are bang on trend right now and fit in perfectly with an eclectic vintage theme. They are also compact and perfect for small living spaces.

The Clarence sofa on the right in yellow is our favorite but you can get it in ebony and cream if you are looking for a colour slightly more palatable.

If you want to fully embody the vintage look then leather is a great way to go. If you have the space then a massive leather sofa like this one we grabbed off Pinterest would do the trick.

It might be more suited in a man cave than a modern day living room but there is no mistaking leather as the traditional vintage choice. The best quality leather's don't necessarily have to be Italian and you don't have to be a connoisseur just remember that quality leather is smooth like butter. 

There are few who love mid century designer sofas as much as us at Out and Out Original but don't let us bias you. 

Vintage doesn't have to be about dark woods and beaten up old metal, adding a retro vintage sofa like this classic from Hans Wegner will give you a timeless look.

Go for a lighter oak wood option if you want something more modern or alternatively migrate towards a mahogany or walnut if you want something with a stronger vintage undertone.

Just remember, if you are looking for something really comfy that's going to hug you on a lazy Sunday, this is not the style for you, for that you'll need something with more body.

Lavender is our trend colour for 2014 and ideal to be combined with a dark vintage theme. A compact armchair set aside in the corner can breathe life into your vintage theme without being too dominant. It's also easily replaced to suit your taste buds after a few seasons.

Used in contrast with a modern fabric sofa and a post modern side table like the John Reeves Victoria Side Table will give you a blissfully eclectic feel.

Good look on your search and don't hesitate to check out our range of industrial furniture perfectly made by our design partners District Eight Design, click here to read more about them.


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