Five easy steps to creating a bright summer garden

Five easy steps to creating a bright summer garden

With Summer beginning to make an appearance, it’s about time our gardens start to reflect the bright and vibrant sunshine, too. You don’t need to have green fingers to create a fun, inviting and beautiful outdoor space, though. Here, we take a look at five fool-proof solutions to create your own ray of sunshine in your back garden…


There is no greater impact for a garden than inserting a block of colour pop in between the greenery. We can’t get enough of this sculptural, hot pink dividing wall. Taking up residency in a South London home, the eye-catching wall sits proudly within a rather compact garden. The size of the space doesn’t matter, though, if you choose a colour you love and go all out for maximum wow factor.
You can see the full home and garden design here: JJ Locations


The quickest way to achieve a statement colour pop is to invest in quality, bold and vibrant furniture for the garden. Whether you opt for an imposing lounge set or a staple dining set, using the furniture to shout loud and proud will add a sense of fun and frivolity to the garden space. We love the combination of beautifully recycled vintage teak with the playfulness of the brightly coloured lightweight chairs. 
You can shop this full set HERE 


Photo via House to Home

Add personality and charm with a selection of your favourite accessories. We advise using weather-resistant materials however simply grabbing a handful of cushions from the sofa and creating a make-shift canopy with a vibrant bed sheet can work just as well for a temporary and cost effective fix. 


you don’t have to have the hugest space to create a sense of grandeur - it’s often actually the smallest places that have the biggest personality. By choosing an impactful chair, parasol, even a brightly coloured barbecue you give your outdoor space a feel of importance and dominance. The Royal lounge chair offers the perfect balance between an imposing item and an approachable and laid-back vibe. Available in three colour ways (lime, blue, orange) and just £99, it’s perfect for the home, the garden, a balcony, or (if you’re lucky enough to live nearby) the beach!
Shop the Royal Lounge Chair HERE


Ok so we did say that you didn’t have to be green fingered to add colour to your garden, and whilst that is still true, if you do happen to be particularly talented in the botany sector, well then by all means flaunt it! With the Chelsea Flower Show now in full swing, what better inspiration than the aptly named ‘Greening Grey Britain’, designed by Anne Marie Powell, currently on display at this year’s show. If the burst of orange wasn’t enough to send you running to the DIY store, then the beautiful coral-coloured blooms, sculptural pergola and whimsical meadow-like flowers are sure to get your horticultural cravings flowing. 

Photo credit:
RHS Greening Grey Britain garden. Designed by Anne Marie Powell. Sponsored by: Outdoor Room.
RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016
Copyright: RHS / Credit: RHS / Tim Sandall

We’re itching to see how you get on so please do share your horticultural talents with us via Facebook and Instagram.

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