Designer Furniture Double First: Bamboo Lighting Launch

Designer Furniture Double First: Bamboo Lighting Launch

We are pleased to introduce an exciting new collection that represents two firsts for us at Out & Out Original. Not only are we launching the new ‘Lighting’ category, but we are also introducing our very first range of bamboo products.

This beautiful range which comprises two pendant ceiling lamps, a floor lamp and a desk lamp, each in three finishes, is exclusive to us in the UK. As soon as we saw the collection we knew it would be a perfect fit for us as it complements our designer furniture collections brilliantly. There is a style to fit virtually any room in the home, or even office.

Bamboo furniture and interior products haven’t always had a reputation for winning design. It’s all too easy to remember those cheesy 1970s bamboo conservatory chairs that were sadly lacking in both style and comfort. However, in the hands of the right designers and makers, bamboo is an amazing material to work with. Particularly when laminated - a process whereby the stalks or ‘culms’ are cut into strips, milled, layered and bonded together to create a hardwood effect - bamboo has beautiful, unique look making it ideal for many interior applications such as lounge furniture, dining tables and even lighting (including the White Pendant Desk Lamp, below).


What’s more, bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world (some species can grow as much as 6cm per hour) and it self-regenerates – once the stalk is cut it will start to grow again - making it a highly renewable plant. Whilst not a wood itself (bamboo is actually a species of grass), it is stronger than many hardwoods – it is quite literally as strong as steel - which makes it extremely durable. It is also light-weight making it ideal for interiors. These qualities mean that, as with many of our products, these lamps each have a three year warranty, another guarantee of quality.

According to the Environmental Bamboo Foundation “bamboo minimizes CO2 gases and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stand of trees...1 hectar of bamboo sequesters 62 tons of CO2/year”. In contrast, “1 hectar of young forest sequesters 15 tons of CO2/year”. The fast-growth of the bamboo plant, combined with its highly efficient ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere via photosynthesis and replace it with oxygen (the plant’s waste product), makes it a sustainable choice.

Each lamp, available in black, white or natural bamboo, is available to pre-order, meaning you can save up to £60 and receive yours in two to four weeks directly from the producers. If you can’t wait that long, any style in our debut ligiting collection, which is priced between £149 for the Pendant Ceiling Lamp (above) and £399 for the Floor Lamp (below), could be delivered to your door in just a few days. It could be the perfect gift for Father's Day or simply a stylish and sustainable way to treat yourself.

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