Colour Trends For Modern Sofas in 2014

Colour Trends For Modern Sofas in 2014

With enthusiasm for 1950s-inspired interiors still burning bright, sunny and mustard yellows are going to be popular in 2014. These yellows, which are reminiscent of daffodils and buttercups and are set to replace the previous trend of green-yellow, can quickly add a retro twist or inject some uplifting colour into your living room.

Painting your walls in a rich yellow and then going for some retro two seater sofas or retro three seater sofas is one way to nail this trend.

The Out & Out Original Clarence three seater sofa is bang on this mid century trend with its yellow colour. Its prominent seat, buttons and elegant arms, typical of retro designer sofas, also give it a really vintage feel which fits in nicely with the period nature of this trend.

Talking about designer sofas leads us into our next hot trend for 2014.

 Enthusiasm for minimalist, pure living will ensure that creams, beiges, oatmeals and stone greys will retain strong appeal. Modern Sofas or compact sofas in simple colours can help to create this look in your living room.

For example, you could consider modern two seater sofas like the Oscar two seater sofa in cream, with oak legs. Modern, simple sofas look great set against natural wood flooring or teamed with distressed rustic-style furniture, wicker baskets and linen fabrics and cushions. You could even think about completing the look by painting one or more of your living walls in the same, simplicity-themed colour scheme- perhaps a biscuit colour, a soft cream or a subtle grey. If you are looking for something more natural and organic looking, have the worlds best collection of Belgian linen sofas and armchairs, produced in America with a traditional eight-way handtie construction, we recommend you check them out. 

Pantone, the global authority on colour, have also announced that the colour of 2014 is set to be radiant orchard, a warm shade of lavender, which has a slightly exotic touch to it.

Top designers such as Juicy Couture and Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan are said to be featuring this shade of lavender in their spring collections. So it is no wonder that enthusiasm for lavender is set to spill into the living room.

Lavender sofas are perfect for achieving this look and the Wilfred armchair, two seater sofa or three seater sofa in lavender are all ideal candidates for making this bold, fashion statement.

With enthusiasm for sustainability and eco-living, green is going to be big this year as well. It is somtimes a tricky colour to pull off but painting one or more walls in a soft, relaxing subtle green or opting for neutral furniture like the Oscar two seater sofa in cream and then adding some green cushions or throws is one way to achieve the look without taking too much of a risk.

Another trend which is set to take off after taking hold in the fashion industry first is colour blocking. As a lot of interior designers have come out of the fashion industry, it is likely that they have brought this trend with them. Think bold, trendy, young and eye-wateringly bright. To achieve this look you would need to pick four or five bright colours and use them around your living room- for example a bright blue rug, bold orange curtains, a red lampshade and a painted yellow coffee table. Walls and floors should be white or a neutral colour, however. Alternatively, you could opt for a sofa that combines different colours like the Woodstock two seater patchwork sofa in upcycled fabric. As it is made from excess fabric, it is also an ethical purchase.

Why not read our extensive buyers guide to sofas which will no doubt give you some interesting tips on purchasing modern sofas.

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