Our Story - How and Why it all Started

The furniture industry, like most industries, was dominated by the major players. Opening physical shops was expensive, and often, the best locations were already snapped up by the known establishment. It was tough for small folk with big ideas to enter the market - then the internet changed everything.

The technology driving the internet helped level the playing field and for the first time in history, new furniture retailers could show you their products without having to spend millions of pounds on big shops – which was nice because we didn’t have millions.

We’ve built Outandout.com by using the internet to bring new product ideas to you, faster. We co-design and manufacture with amazing furniture makers in new ways to make sustainable designer furniture more affordable. Our first order was from a gentleman who ordered two deckchairs on the 6th April 2013. He sent us an image of the deckchairs in his garden on a lovely spring morning with a note of how he wished he was staying home instead of going to work – our journey had started.

Having started with just a handful of new products, we’re liberating the possibilities of how you can enjoy furniture in your home and garden and now have over 300 new designs – our collection grows every month as more and more of you give us a try.

We believe in a simple process. From helping our customers understand our furniture’s constructions and materials to how we buy and deliver the furniture from our suppliers – everything has to be straightforward because complicated things cost us all more time and more waste. Sustainability is deep in our heart, which is why all our wooden products come from certified plantations and all our plastics are free of toxins (and obviously fully recyclable!). 

We’re a brand who likes to challenge and disrupt the way things are done. Although we’re still much smaller than the bigger established players, we’ve got more heart, and for that reason we’ll keep on pushing boundaries.

We don’t obsess about what the competition is doing, and we don’t mind trying out new ideas. We’re not aggressive and won’t tell you what to buy. We don’t price to see what we can get away with, we just take what it cost for us to get it to you and add a small fair margin to simply continue our journey. Giving you something different makes predicting what you might buy a bit harder so sometimes we may let you down, but I promise we’ll make it up to you if we do.

Your sincerely,
Daniel Fairburn

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